Groove Therapy Beginner

It’s not too late to take class.

“Class is so much fun and a good work out. I always leave in a good mood no matter what else is going on. The world looks like a better place after Groove Therapy”

Ana P

Groove Therapy was born out of one too many conversations with people who wished they could dance but were convinced that they had missed the boat on taking a dance class. People found dance studios intimidating. They didn’t need another social situation to make them feel awkward about their rhythm.

Groove Therapy Beginner classes are judgement free. It’s a community not a scene. There’s no mirror, we dim the lights. We don’t make you perform for anyone. It’s completely unpretentious.

Our class simply teaches you how to groove with some famous party dances like the wop, the running man and the moonwalk.

This isn’t a gimmick fitness class, this is a proper 101 hip hop dance class. You’re invited to learn from industry professionals who will educate you on the legit stuff they’ve learnt from the OGs of street dance across NYC, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo and Aus.

With help of some heavy bass your instructors will go over the fundamentals of grooving and party dance moves in a space that’s strictly anti-haters.

If you don’t live in one of our live-class cities, you can still be part of the Groove Therapy fam via our online courses.