“…these classes can be transformative, giving people the chance to try something new in a judgment-free environment”

– Broadsheet Melbourne

Our beginner adult dance classes are designed specifically for the people who are convinced they can’t dance or feel as though conventional dance studios aren’t the right vibe for them.

At Groove Therapy, we’re about dimming the lights, banning mirrors and teaching legit dance technique, history and drills that will actually improve your dance skills whilst being mad fun. Classes are designed around energising, de-stressing and learning how to take yourself a little less seriously.

Oh man I left Tuesday’s class feeling more energized than when I walked in and I actually look forward to the next sessions. And this is coming from someone who has social anxiety. It’s brilliant, I wish I did it sooner! 

Alexia Y, Richmond.

We don’t select the ‘best dancers’ to stand front row centre, we don’t ask you to perform for anyone, we don’t stress about nailing choreography and we champion the idea of a low-key community vibe, not a scene.

Our Melbourne location, in keeping with the Groove Therapy code, is a dance class held on an actual dance floor, i.e. The Workers Club in Fitzroy – practical context for learning how to dance right?

The Workers Club
51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC

6:30pm Tuesdays
7:00pm Wednesdays


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