Adult Dance Classes Melbourne

Our Melbourne venue is honestly the coolest vibe. The Workers Club is located in the heart of Fitzroy, on the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick street and an obvious venue choice for our beginners adult dance classes. Why? Well first of all it’s a hub for live music, good food and a general no-wank vibe. The most important thing however is that you’re definitely not learning your moves in a dance studio, you’re learning your beginners dance fundamentals in the gig room out the back, on an actual dance floor. It’s a practical application of your new found skills you guys.

Classes follow the usual format, begin with some grooves (because what’s the point in learning a dance routine if you can’t groove though the movement and actually make it look cool), stretch a little and then learn some party dances. After drilling a few of these social dance moves (the running man, the moonwalk, the rooftop etc) and we’re sure that you feel a little more comfortable cruising through the movement pathways, we string it together in a little combo. This is just a dance term for ‘string all your moves together’. Then we just have a dance, doing the combo over and over again to different tracks (fast ones, slow ones, sexy ones, turnt ones). Then you finish and deal with your endorphin/adrenaline high for the next three hours and/or eat a pub meal in the front room to celebrate.

The point is, take a beginners dance class with us and know that next time you’re slaying at your cousin’s wedding it’s because you already know your way around a dance floor.

Beginners Adult Dance Classes in Melbourne

7pm – 8pm
The Workers Club
51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Want to know more? Check our your Melbourne teacher Lauren Drago‘s credits. Just be warned that she’s about to become your next girl crush ok?

Still need a little convincing? We record and create super simple beginner instructionals that go over the moves we cover in class in dot point form. Keep in mind that you need to try a real life class to get the proper teach experience!

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Workers Club
Our dance class venue for Melbourne

Want to know more about the kinds of styles we cover in class? We’ve tried to break down what a street dance class is. Check out some more deets about it here.