Sup Byron Bay. This is a dance class series that blew the Groove Therapy staff away. Whilst so many other locations involved a lot of gentle coercing and reassurance that we are NOT intimidating, Byron Bay locals reacted to the idea of a beginners adult dance class completely differently. Turns out the people of Byron Bay have no insecurities about dance and self-expression and we were welcomed by a room full of warm, enthusiastic dance goers. Thank you so much for coming out in droves you guys!

Our first class almost hit capacity without any promotion and clients promised to tell their friends and come back in droves. The location itself, Encounter Byron, is the coolest local community space, located in the Industrial and Arts estate of Byron Bay. The owners, being huge dance fans themselves, went about creating an entire back room that serves as a dance studio, complete with huge sound system, dreamy dance floors and a big mirrors…that we cover with curtains so that you can stop hyper-analysing yourself.

Initially, Vanessa Marian, director and founder of Groove Therapy, decided to hold a casual dance class series where people could come and pay at the door (we’re very strict on the no cash policy at all other locations). However, since we’re at the threat of hitting capacity in class, we’ve gone back to our old rules – no cash at the door!

Beginner Adult Dance Classes in Byron Bay

6pm – 7pm
Encounter Byron
1 Acacia Street
Industrial and Arts Estate

encounter byron

Thinking of holding an event, hens night, birthday party or anything of the sort with us? Holla! Groove Therapy can do it all, just hit us up and enquire about prices and options. Trust us, an event with a dance class element always get’s people hyped for the rest of the day/night.

Want to practise a few moves that you’ve learnt in class? Vanessa Marian has done a small instructional series and piloted with her famous body roll number, and what’s better than learning a body roll amongst your repertoire of basic social dances for your next dance floor encounter? The instructionals are brief versions of what we cover in class (in much more detail), so come to a beginners adult dance class for real and get amongst please!