Byron Bay

Adult Beginner Dance Classes in Byron Bay

This is a dance class for adults who just want to learn how to groove, tear up a dance-floor and spend an hour celebrating their body for what it can do, not what it looks like.

Scared of looking like a beginner? Last time we checked, that’s a pretty standard outcome for anyone trying something new. It’s time tot ake yourself a little less seriously, get out of your own way, and start dance class.


$20 per session
No cash. Bookings strictly online.


Tues: Cavanbah
Weds: Marvell Hall


7:45pm – 8:45pm

Pssst also check our online dance courses & learn on your own terms!

Admire dancers but find dance studios intimidating? Introducing online dance courses by Groove Therapy.

These are online dance courses made specifically for people who thought it was too late to start learning. Level up, learn how to dance, foster that mind-body connection and gain some serious dance floor skills. Also wearing pants is optional.