Dance Instructional: ATL Stomp

Sup fam. Been needing a new move for your jams? We gotchu. This is our boy Feras giving you the ATL Stomp (also known as the A-Town Stomp). Whilst a lot of moves were created in New York the birthplace of hip-hop, this bad boy (as you’ve probably already gathered) comes from Atlanta. The move was […]

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Wanida Playlist

Sup fam, Amy here. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down and written to you all however, I’m breaking the hiatus with this banger of a post. Your fave broke bish and Brisbane Therapist, Wanida Serce, has graced us all with some fresh music. For anyone who’s taken Wanida’s class or knows her […]

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Rachell Dade made a playlist.

The time has come. The long awaited Rachell Dade playlist is finally here!! I know how much you have been holding out for this one. As usual, we asked Rachell to throw us some fun facts and the first thing she said was “is that fun facts about the song and the genre or just […]

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Our Splendour Playlist

We’ll be at the Splendour in the Craft Bus with We’re All Going To Die facilitating an installation that asks you to get off ya damn phone and sit across a stranger with some thought-provoking conversation cards. Rad huh? You see, Groove Therapy is more than a dance class organisation – we’re mental health advocates […]

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Groove Lab Playlist

Sup fam, Amy here. Back with that new new for your next bedroom/car/shower jam. This playlist was created by friend of the Groove, Jackson Garcia. You guys always tell us how much you love when Jack subs for our Brisbane classes and he always puts us onto great new AND old tracks. So, it made sense […]

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