Hip Hop

What do you learn in our adult hip hop dance classes?

When people sign up for an adult hip hop dance class these days they may not quite understand what they’re signing up for, so we thought we’d break it down for you so that you can really understand what we teach in our beginner adult dance classes at Groove Therapy.

The history

Hip hop is a subculture and movement that sprung up from the South Bronx in New York City from the melting pot of many minority communities, mainly African American, Puerto Rican and Jamaican minority groups in the 70s. It is also said to be a musical genre that sprouted in rebellion to the ‘flashiness’ of disco to represent the people of the streets. Hip Hop as a dance style refers to the street dances that are performed to hip hop music or have evolved from hip hop culture.

The most well-known styles that fall within hip hop include breaking, locking and popping. Some others that you might have heard of include krumping, tutting and boogaloo.

And just for fun, here is a video of youtuber (and Barbie enthusiast??) Dytto, tutting:

Groove Therapy Adult Hip Hop Dance Classes

Whatever we teach at Groove Therapy touches on these foundations, so whilst you’ll be having mad fun, always know that you will be getting a legit dance education.

When we say we teach proper hip hop foundations, we mean it. Our beginner hip hop class needs to be distinguished from pop dancing. Many people might associate hip hop with the latest top 40 music but the fundamentals of what we teach in our adult hip hop class is far richer than this. We want to be mindful and respectful when representing this dance style that was born from a riotous response to the oppression faced by a marginalised community in America, so our classes are about teaching foundations of authentic hip hop.

Whilst it may sound a little heavy when we word it like this it’s actually the complete opposite! This sub-culture is born from the need for self-expression, escapism, mental health, fostering community and promoting peace. In fact, the fundamental ethos of hip hop is said to be ‘peace, love, unity and having a good time’. Groove Therapy’s adult hip hop dance classes promote all of these values first and foremost and put complex choreography, competitive class vibes and body shaming in a big hole somewhere that nobody can find.

Keen to get around the class with us? As chill and street as we are, we need to emphasise that we do not do door sales so make sure you holla and book your spot online to save us all the awkward feeling of turning you away at the door.

Or try our online dance courses maybe?

Online adult beginner hip hop classes

Need a little practice first to dance away the nerves? Try our online dance tutorials. Always a winner on a dance floor.