Groove Therapy Agency

Movement Direction / Casting / Choreography

Centering the roots of culture, dance and music.

Groove Therapy Agency has deep roots in both the street and cultural dance scenes across the world. We cast the best person for the job by putting cultural authenticity and humanity at the forefront of our decision-making.

What makes us different? Groove Therapy Agency sits in the intersection between dance and film, which means we understand how to cast, movement direct, choreograph and culturally advise so that you can create tasteful, genre-bending, human stories.

Our head director is Vanessa Marian, who lives between New York and Australia. Vanessa has worked with the likes of Em Rata, Flume, Duckie and Roger Federer. She has movement directed and worked on global campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Lane Crawford, Express and Google.

Our second director is Amy Zhang, who has Movement Directed Rita Ora for Cartier and worked with Nike, Wrangler, General Pants, Platypus and Calvin Klein.

In 2019, we stepped up into collaborative projects that included the creation of AI tech with Google in which we developed original music and choreography that could be body mapped for the purposes of a movement intelligence app.

What we offer:

  • Casting
  • Choreography
  • Movement Direction
  • Dance workshops
  • Movement coaching for musicians
  • Live performance choreography

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Feature Image: Lester Jones