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Community Projects & Dance Programs

Our most important value is community and we foster this by championing inclusion, cohesion, human connection, grassroots initiatives and mental wellbeing within the communities that we dance in.

So what is the practical application of this value system? Profits from our weekly beginner dance classes, online dance courses and agency work help fund our community and outreach classes.

It’s important to note that we never charge straight in. Our programs start with an invitation by a community to sit down and co-design a dance program that addresses an issue that community leaders have identified. Over time, the collaboration enables the co-design of a dance program that works best to support their needs.

The Groove Therapy ethos always stays the same – making the benefits of dance accessible to all walks of life – but the nuances of class structure are culturally and contextually tweaked for maximum impact. 

Vanessa Marian partnered up with Shea Lena initially to teach her mother a simple dance routine. Over the course of the year this developed into a full weekly program for the elderly, including dementia sufferers, at the ANZAC War Vets nursing home in Narrabeen. The program got picked up across more nursing homes throughout NSW and Vanessa worked with these organisations to create a structured dance class therapy program to improve the quality of life for residents.

At this point, the community program is on a sabatical as we gather the requisite funding and resources to run regular classes meaningfully within a community. If you know of a nursing home in Sydney or New York, let us know and we can start talking!

In 2017, Western Sydney Youth Transition Support Program and Groove Therapy ran an eight week dance classes for newly arrived girls (refugees, humanitarian entrants and other migrants in NSW).
This was a combined effort between Vanessa Marian and Auburn Diversity Services coordinator Ella Sutton.

In 2018 we partnered with a group of young (mostly migrant) women aged 17-25 years old, the Cumberland Council and Guildford Youth Centre to deliver an 8-week dance series focusing on improving body confidence, social connection and personal empowerment.

Our core mission revolves around longer-term, social impact focused community projects and we are willing to chat! To start a community class series or incorporate dance into an existing outreach program, get in touch with us at

To date some of Groove Therapy’s smaller workshops have included teaching the Indigenous community out in the Northern Territory for Desert Harmony Festival, and working with NCIE in Redfern.


If you’d like to get in touch about running a community project, hit us up via

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