Community Projects & Dance Programs

Vanessa Marian partnered up with Shea Lena initially to teach her mother a simple dance routine. Over the course of the year this developed into a full weekly program for the elderly, including dementia sufferers, at the ANZAC War Vets nursing home in Narrabeen.
The program has now been picked up across more nursing homes and Vanessa has worked with these organisations to create a structured dance class therapy program.

Western Sydney Youth Transition Support Program and Groove Therapy ran an eight week dance classes for newly arrived girls (refugees, humanitarian entrants and other migrants in NSW).
This was a combined effort between Vanessa Marian and Auburn Diversity Services coordinator Ella Sutton.

Groove Therapy is currently in the process of creating a large range of (top secret) community projects to roll out in 2017 that aim to make dance and it’s benefits accessible to all walks of life. In 2016 alone some of Groove Therapy’s smaller workshops have included teaching the Indigenous community out in the Northern Territory for Desert Harmony Festival, and working with NCIE in Redfern.

Feature image Mitchell Tomlinson