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Here’s one of the coolest gifts you can give this holiday season

Hi, can you think of a gift that gives joy, health, time well spent and won’t end up in landfill?

Dance classes are here for you baby.

Whether it’s a new spin on date night, a cute shared activity with your mum, an alternative to boozy hangs with friends or a ‘treat yourself’ thought for an over-worked or heartbroken loved one, gift them the joy of dance!

Here’s how you can gift someone the joy of Groove this holidays:

1. Do they live in Sydney or Melbourne? Buy them a dance class gift card
Follow this link, then follow the instructions. Class pass enables them to take a real life, weekly class at either our Melbourne or Sydney locations.

2. Buy them an online dance course
Simply purchase an online course package by creating an account with a makeshift password and their email (or a new email you create). 

3. Want to accompany this with a physical gift card?
You can download this PDF here, get it printed and fill in the details of what they’ve been gifted accordingly 🙂

Groove Therapy is a weekly dance class for beginner adults across both Sydney and Melbourne, which has recently blown up into an international online course platform!

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