Written by Amy Zhang
Cover Illustration Sara Andreason

Our society is on the verge of a mental illness tsunami and days like Valentines day can be especially triggering for those of us afflicted by comparison culture on social media.

So we thought about it at Groove Therapy and decided to flip the script on Valentine’s Day and send some TLC to the person who deserves it most. You bebe.

Read on for four tips around taking care of yourself (and your mental health) or just scroll to the very end and listen to our love-themed playlist. We’re talking grind-friendly love songs for yourself, your ex and/or for your boo.

Kanye loving Kanye

Below are some of our favourite and totally selfish things we love to do for ourselves. So block out some time and treat yo-self. You high-key deserve it.


Or whatever else you want to eat and drink. Let’s be real, stressing over portion sizes and dairy-free, low carb diets are all the rage and whilst physical health is bomb, guilt and self-loathing is not.

Let’s have a guilt-free cheat day. Want to up-the-anti on this? Bake a cake. Research shows that baking is a great way to reduce stress and take care of your mental health. Why? Because it’s a form of creative self-expression. Ahem, sound familiar? Ultimate self-love guide babe.

Drake in a tub


It’s no secret that skincare is a favourite self-care tip but when was the last time you actually took the time to truly massage everything in rather than just slapping it on your body before you run out the door?

Here’s our thoughts for this week. Relish in lathering up. Light a candle, play some music. Then open your bottle, smell the fragrance, take note of the product’s texture on your fingertips and massage it into every part of your skin.

And it’s not just about moisturiser fam. Put a hair mask in and actually leave it in for the suggested 30mins whilst listening to a podcast. Run a bath and put a fancy bath bomb/bubble bath in. Exfoliate your entire body. Just be present when you do it all.

Incorporating meditation into your self-care routine is an incredibly powerful way to reign in your frazzled internal monologue. Yeah fam!


This is a big one in our books. Especially if you’re trying to avoid being triggered this Valentine’s Day. Switching off saves you from being exposed to all the marketing spams and online comparison culture too. This is your Valentine week, so loving yourself needs quality time without distractions.

A tech-balance mantra we try to live by at Groove Therapy follows the premise of:
– Not checking our phones for the first hour of our day
– Following interesting, thought-provoking and genuinely ethical accounts
– Checking ourselves when we get into click-bait holes (even bomb dance vids).

Did you also know that Instagram now lets you set reminders for when you’ve spent too many hours mindlessly scrolling? We like to think of tech like fried chicken and chocolate. It’s good for you when consumed in balance and consumed with love.

Gucci Pre-Fall (literally lol) 2017 campaign. Ooofft all the feels Gucci.

4. DANCE (lol are we predictable or what?)

But seriously. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – dancing is scientifically proven as THE MOST SUPERIOR form of exercise.

Yes cardio is good for you. We also know how great the endorphin high feels from getting your heart rate up. However dancing is also an art form, a means of self-expression. I mean, what’s the first thing all mental health initiatives always tell you to do? Get it off your chest. Express yourself.

To sum it up, dancing has both mental and physical benefits. It doesn’t get more holistic than that!

Whilst we’ll always advocate for getting out of the house and getting down with your mates, we also see the benefit of closing the door, doing your thing and just feeling yourself.

With that being said, here’s a playlist filled with self-empowering songs, love songs and fuck you songs to bump this week. So no matter if you’re single, loved-up or heartbroken – we’ve got you covered. Grind the love out baby. Don’t bottle it in.

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