We’ve had a countless number of requests for online dance tutorials and had turned the idea away initially. For us, the benefits of dance include being part of a community and getting off a screen and our impulse was to shut down the idea of an online dance class in favour of the IRL experience. So what was the turning point?


With a lot of people sending heartfelt stories about how there were no dance classes near them, a lack of income to be able to pay for classes regularly, an erratic work/life schedule that was prone to last minute cancels and, in some heartbreaking cases, struggles with mental illnesses that rendered people unable to leave the house on tough days, we decided that online classes could bring the benefits of dance to a certain market of people that simply couldn’t attend our weekly dance classes, even if they wanted to.

Whilst our physical dance class experience fosters community, human connection and focuses largely on curating a fun experience for everyone involved, our online classes allow you to pause, rewind and replay techniques and basic fundamentals as much as you’d like.

Even if you already go to our weekly dance classes in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne on the reg, then these web dance courses are about to become the perfect supplement to your dance training regime.

So without further ado, check out the first dance course we have released – Beginner Grooves, and start practising all your basic foundations so that you’re ready to level up when the next series drops.

Dance class on your own time, on your own terms. Pants optional.

Only $12 USD (about $15 AUD) for the beginners grooves course!

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