Morning Dance Class at the Beachie

We’ve decided to reclaim the drunk/gropey/messy dancefloor narrative and run a morning dance class workshop where 100% of the profits go towards funding our dance class program for new migrant and refugee girls. As if you could feel even better about yourself whilst having a boogie than you already do right?

So if you’ve always wished you could dance but felt too old/curvy/uncoordinated to try a dance class OR you’re one of those people who couldn’t care less what others think, we got you covered fam.

Book now to avoid the awkward moment of being turned away at the door in front of others. We don’t like being those people.

This is a zero-waste event, bring your own water bottles and your togs so we can all jump in the ocean after!

Hurry up though fam, tickets are very limited.

Groove Therapy Morning Dance Class Party
May 26
10am Saturday
The Beach Hotel, Byron

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