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What is a Pro-Beginner Class?

Fair Question. The main thing with an absolute beginner class is that people are nervous, so a lot of emphasis is placed on making people calm down and feel at ease. With a Pro-beginner class however, we are banking on people who are used to Groove Therapy or perhaps not as nervous about dance. This means we can teach slightly more complex ideas and technique without the fear of freaking our class out.

Here is the main difference in dot points though:

Beginners Class:
A beginners class has:

  • basic grooves
  • some stretches
  • few party moves (the moon walk, the running man, or the Bart Simpson as shown below)

Pro-Beginners Class
A pro-beginners class however, is just one level up from a basic series of steps:

  • slightly harder grooves
  • dance technique to different rhythms
  • concepts that help you freestyle (without repeating the same 2 moves on loop)
  • choreography (learning a routine to a song and tips on how to remember steps)
  • variations of the basic party dances

Come try pro-beginner class!:
Pro-Beginner (Intermediate) Adult Dance Classes in Sydney
107 Projects
107 Redfern Street, Redfern

Pro-Beginner (Intermediate) Adult Dance Classes in Byron Bay
7:20 pm – 8:20 pm
The Corner Palm
1/16 Brigantine St, Byron Bay (Industrial Estate)
$20 (online sales only)





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