BEDROOM GROOVES with Vanessa Marian (Sydney)

WE’RE HOLDING A BEDROOM GROOVES FUNDRAISER DANCE CLASS WHILST VANESSA IS BACK IN SYDNEY NEXT WEEK. All moves that can be added to your bedroom vocabulary with a playlist curated by YOU, simply send us the tracks you bedroom groove to and we will pick our favourite 10 songs ♥

Why Bedroom Grooves?
Live more, fear less. We’re all going to die anyway right? Whoa heavy intro but here’s the backstory:

Groove Therapy is part of the line up of artists representing at the We’re All Going To Die Festival – presented by Commune and we’re creating the performance work ‘Bedroom Grooves’.

Our brief for the festival is ‘FEAR’. Our work, Bedroom Grooves, explores the solace we seek within the safety our bedrooms and what we’re willing to do when we’re granted privacy behind closed doors.

Anyways we’re getting ahead of ourselves here as the festival is all the way in the future (November 17, mark it in your diaries). Right now we just need to raise $ for the project that goes towards creating a bedroom set, costuming and rehearsals.

Thurs Sept 21
6pm – 7pm
$20 for a standard ticket
107 projects, Redfern


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